our mission

We provide AMERICA‚ÄôS VETERANS a trade education in the construction, repair, design, use, and development of custom net products, primarily for fisheries applications.

Our purpose

We seek to train and employ Veterans (and their famiLy MEMBERS) regardless of disability or challenges. Everyone at Vet Nets has valuable skills, a purpose, and importance. We teach all aspects of the net-craft trade, including the design, construction, and repair of the particular nets used to make specific collections.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide Military Veterans (and their family members) with meaningful employment regardless of disability. There is an increasing demand for custom-built nets for use in commercial and scientific fishing, wildlife exclusion, and sport applications.

Our Needs

  • Funding

    To ensure adequate materials are on hand, capital to maintain inventories and payment to our workforce.

  • Workspace

    Net crafting requires a large, climate-controlled space to work year-round. Warehouse or hangar space can be easily configured into and ideal facility.

  • Veterans

    We seek to employ Military Veterans first for the unique skills they possess. Our service members are disciplined, dedicated and driven.

Our Services

High quality and durable nets cost more than cheap, low-quality nets. Our nets are offered for sale or lease and we offer net cleaning and repair services.

Nets for various sports and wildlife exclusion netting for gardens and orchards are available for sale or lease. We can help design, install, and maintain these nets for you.

Commercial and scientific fishing is seasonal work and often there is a need to change to a different type, size, or style of net. To invest in multiple nets, even cheap, poor quality nets, can be cost prohibitive. Leasing and repair services provide a viable option for seasonal and transitory fishers to have the right net, at the right time and allow more time on the water and less time repairing nets.


If you're interested in purchasing or leasing a fishing net, or have questions for our organization, please contact us!

You may also reach out to Doug Noltie at 573-777-0610.
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